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Sound Cat


RGBW LEDs, wireless control.
12hr battery, energy-efficient.
Adjustable tilt, black/white.
Lightweight, 400m range.
Compact, 42.5cm wide.
16-64 DMX universes.
12.1 inch touchscreen, DVI-D.
Robust, road-ready, USB3.
Titan Mobile
10 playbacks, customizable controls
4 DMX outputs, 8192 channels
Expandable to 64 universes
USB powered, MIDI support
Avolites Arena
40 playback faders, pageable
20 macro buttons, encoders
Dual touch screens, LCDs
UPS battery backup included
Titan One
10 pageable playbacks, 60 pages
Single DMX output, cue control
Intuitive interface, touchscreen support
Cost-effective, ideal for schools
Back-PowerCube 900
10A breakers, 16A channels
1.2m captive mains tail
63A connectors, flight case
Safety RCBs, versatile outputs
Front-PowerCube 900
10A ABB breakers, 16A channels
1.2m captive mains, 63A connector
Flight-case, easy transport
Safety RCBs, versatile outputs
8 LED strips, controller
8 RGB sections per strip
Supports ArtNet, multiple channels
Updated presets, horizontal/vertical use
Wify QA5
Battery-powered, wireless LED
Six hours per charge
50,000-hour LEDs, 58W
400-foot range, versatile modes
Wireless, IP65, battery-powered
Quad-colored RGBA LEDs
8-hour battery, 5-hour recharge
Automated programs, secure installation
Chuavet - Nimbus Dry ice
Professional dry ice machine
Rapid heating, efficient operation
Adjustable output control
Safety sensors, automatic shut-off
co2 Magic FX
Handheld CO2 special effect
White cryogenic fog plumes
Easy-to-use, high-pressure hose
Spectacular visual impact
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