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Sound Cat


Idisplay Immersive Pro 1000 x 500
High-resolution display for clear visuals.
Modular 1000 x 500 mm panels.
Lightweight and easy installation.
Durable for public and commercial use.
Multiple video inputs.
High-resolution support.
Seamless switching effects.
Nova G4 engine stability.
Multiple video inputs.
Six ethernet outputs.
4096P maximum output width.
Internal video scaling.
Gloshine 3.9mm 500x500 LED Screen
High-resolution 3.9mm pixel pitch.
Bright 1200 nits display.
Fast 4000 Hz refresh rate.
Compact 500x500mm size.
Gloshine 3.9mm 1000x 500 LED Screen
3.9mm pixel pitch for high-resolution displays.
Brightness of 1200 nits for clear visibility in various lighting.
Refresh rate of 4000 Hz for smooth motion.
Pixel density of 65,746 for detailed images.