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ALLEN & HEATH ZED-12FX Analogue Mixer: Versatile Sound Crafting
Harness the power of professional mixing with the ALLEN & HEATH ZED-12FX. This versatile mixer boasts 6 mono channels, 3 stereo channels, and a suite of 16 built-in effects. Designed for premium sound quality, it features Neutrik connectors, ‘DuoPre’ pre-amps, and comprehensive control options like 3-band EQ with MusiQ, making it perfect for live performances and studio sessions alike.


ALLEN & HEATH ZED-12FX Analogue Mixer: Your Studio and Stage Companion

Comprehensive Mixing Capabilities
The ALLEN & HEATH ZED-12FX is an analogue mixer that brings studio-grade precision to live sound engineering. With six mono channels and three stereo channels, each with 2-band EQ and additional inputs for external sources, this mixer is ready to tackle any performance scenario.

Studio-Quality Sound
The ZED-12FX features Neutrik mic XLRs and ¼ inch jacks, known for their superior sound quality and reliability. The ‘DuoPre’ mic line inputs offer an expansive gain range, and the 3-band EQ with MusiQ provides nuanced tone shaping.

Integrated Effects for Creative Expression
Sixteen internal time-delay effects add texture and depth to your mix, allowing for creative sound manipulation. From subtle reverbs to lush choruses, the onboard effects processor opens a world of possibilities.

Detailed Control for Refined Mixes
Each channel comes equipped with insert points for external processing, pre-fade aux sends, and one post-fade aux send to manage monitor mixes and effects sends efficiently. The internal FX send and illuminated mute controls offer additional flexibility.

User-Friendly Interface
The ZED-12FX’s layout is intuitive and accessible, featuring illuminated PFL & peak warning indicators, ALPS 100mm faders for precise volume adjustments, and sound image pan for accurate stereo placement.

Extensive Connectivity
The mixer includes stereo returns & playback for integrating various sound sources, and all inputs come with dedicated level control. The alt stereo output source and configurable USB audio in/out expand the mixer’s connectivity, making it a central hub for all your audio needs.

Key Features:

  • Six mono channels plus three stereo channels.
  • Neutrik connectors and ‘DuoPre’ pre-amps for crystal-clear audio.
  • 16 internal effects for creative mixing.
  • Comprehensive EQ and aux send options.
  • USB connectivity for direct recording and playback.
  • Rack ears available for easy mounting.

The ALLEN & HEATH ZED-12FX Analogue Mixer is a powerhouse tool for audio engineers and musicians who demand flexibility, reliability, and impeccable sound quality, whether on stage or in the studio.


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