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Cost Per Day: £40
Cost Per Week: £120

Experience exceptional audio clarity with the RCF 715 Speaker, boasting 1400 WATT 2-way peak power and innovative DSP processing. Its wide dispersion horn and FiRPHASE technology ensure superior sound coverage and quality.


High-Performance Audio: RCF 715 Speaker

The RCF 715 Speaker is a powerhouse of sound, designed to deliver top-tier audio quality for live performances, events, and professional installations.

Powerful Output and Clarity

  • 1400 WATT 2-Way Peak Power: This speaker offers an impressive 130 dB Max SPL, providing clear and powerful sound even in large spaces.
  • 15″ Woofer: The large woofer ensures deep, resonant bass, while maintaining clarity across all sound frequencies.

Advanced Sound Technology

  • Innovative DSP Processing: Digital Signal Processing enhances audio quality, ensuring crystal-clear sound reproduction.
  • 1″ Compression Driver: Equipped with a 1.75″ voice coil, the driver delivers precise high-frequency reproduction.

Optimized Sound Dispersion

  • Wide Dispersion Horn: The 90°x60° constant directivity horn offers wide sound coverage, making it ideal for various listening environments.
  • FiRPHASE Technology: This advanced technology ensures phase-aligned sound reproduction, enhancing the listening experience.

Versatile and Reliable

  • Durable Design: The RCF 715 is built to withstand the demands of both touring and permanent installations.
  • Wide Application Range: Perfect for live music, DJ sets, speeches, and more, this speaker adapts to different sound requirements with ease.

Unmatched Audio Experience

With its combination of power, clarity, and advanced sound technology, the RCF 715 Speaker is an essential tool for anyone seeking superior audio performance.


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