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Global Truss 90 Corner

90° Corner 2-Way Corner F34 Hire

Cost Per Day: £20

Cost Per Week: £60

Global Truss 90° Corner 2-Way F34: Durable and Versatile Trussing Solution
Maximize your stage and lighting setups with the Global Truss 90° Corner 2-Way F34. Crafted from high-strength AlMgSi F31 aluminum, this 4-point truss corner is TÜV tested for safety and includes a conical connector set for quick and secure assembly. Ideal for creating angles and corners in truss structures, it’s essential for any event or production setup.


Additional Information

Robust Construction for Secure Installations
The Global Truss 90° Corner 2-Way F34 is built to endure the demands of live production environments. Manufactured from AlMgSi F31 aluminum, this corner unit combines lightweight properties with exceptional strength, ensuring your setups are both sturdy and easy to manipulate.

Precisely Engineered for Compatibility
Featuring a main tube diameter of 50 mm and a brace diameter of 20 mm, this 4-point truss component integrates seamlessly with F34 truss systems. The uniform tube pitch of 29 cm ensures compatibility and consistency across your truss structures.

Safety and Reliability
TÜV testing certifies that this truss corner meets rigorous safety standards, providing reassurance in its structural integrity and performance. This certification is crucial for ensuring the safety of both the event crew and attendees.

Quick and Efficient Assembly
Equipped with a conical connector set, commonly referred to as Quicklock, the 90° Corner 2-Way F34 allows for fast, tool-free assembly. This feature is invaluable in event setups where time efficiency is critical.

Lightweight and Portable
Weighing just 6 kg, this truss corner is designed for easy transport and handling, making it an ideal choice for touring productions and temporary installations.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from high-strength AlMgSi F31 aluminum.
  • Compatible with F34 truss systems.
  • TÜV tested for safety assurance.
  • Includes Quicklock connectors for rapid assembly.
  • Lightweight design for ease of use.

The Global Truss 90° Corner 2-Way F34 is a fundamental component for any professional looking to enhance their staging, lighting rigs, or exhibition structures, offering a perfect blend of durability, safety, and ease of assembly.

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