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AR2412 Hire

Cost Per Day: £50

Cost Per Week: £150

Allen and Heath AR2412 Expander AudioRack: Expanding Your Audio Horizons
Maximize your GLD System’s capabilities with the Allen and Heath AR2412 Expander AudioRack. Featuring 24 XLR inputs and 12 XLR outputs, it’s an essential expansion for live sound and studio applications. With additional expander, monitor, and dSNAKE ports, this AudioRack integrates seamlessly, providing the reliability and quality that Allen & Heath is renowned for.


Additional Information

Allen and Heath AR2412 Expander AudioRack: The Core of Your GLD Setup

Main AudioRack for Enhanced Connectivity
The Allen and Heath AR2412 is designed as the primary AudioRack for the GLD digital mixing system. It extends the mixer’s I/O capabilities, making it an ideal choice for complex audio setups in live sound, theatre, and studio environments.

Extensive Input and Output Options
With 24 XLR inputs, the AR2412 allows for a multitude of microphones and instruments to be connected directly to your GLD system. The 12 XLR outputs provide ample routing options for stage monitors, recording devices, or external processing units.

Seamless Expansion and Integration
The AR2412 is not just an I/O workhorse; it also offers expander, monitor, and dSNAKE ports for further system expansion. This allows for a flexible and scalable setup, accommodating future growth and various audio needs.

Renowned Allen & Heath Quality
When it comes to audio equipment, reliability is key. Allen & Heath’s reputation for quality ensures that the AR2412 delivers consistent performance and durability, session after session, show after show.

Versatile Application
Whether it’s augmenting the input/output capacity of a GLD mixer in a live concert, expanding the reach in a large church, or enhancing recording capabilities in a studio, the AR2412 is up to the task.

Key Features:

  • 24 XLR mic/line inputs for extensive connectivity.
  • 12 XLR outputs for versatile routing.
  • Compatible with GLD digital mixing systems.
  • Additional ports for system expansion and flexibility.
  • Renowned Allen & Heath build quality and reliability.

The Allen and Heath AR2412 Expander AudioRack is a cornerstone for audio professionals who demand scalability, reliability, and exceptional audio quality in their mixing systems.

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