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Back-PowerCube 900

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Back-PowerCube 900 Dimming System: Master your event’s lighting with the Back-PowerCube 900, a sophisticated dimming and power distribution unit. This system includes 10A C-type ABB breakers and 16A distribution channels for optimal power management. It features a 1.2m H07R 5x 10mm2 captive mains tail with a 63A 5-pin Cee connector, all neatly stored in a flight case. Compatible with 63A 3phase+N TN-S and single-phase supplies, it ensures safety with individual 63A 30mA RCBs and a 4-pole mains breaker, including Socapex or Harting output connectors for versatile connections.

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Optimize Lighting Control with the Back-PowerCube 900

Efficient Dimmer and Distribution Channels

The Back-PowerCube 900 offers state-of-the-art dimming capabilities, featuring 10A C type ABB breakers. It also includes 16A distribution channels capable of handling significant inrush currents, providing reliable and responsive power management for demanding lighting setups.

Reliable Power Connectivity

Equipped with a captive mains tail of 1.2m H07R 5x 10mm2, and fitted with a robust 63A 5-pin Cee connector, this system guarantees stable and secure power connections. The included flight-case facilitates easy storage and transportation of the cable, adding convenience to its design.

Versatile Mains Supply Compatibility

Designed for flexibility, the Back-PowerCube 900 is compatible with both 63A 3phase+N TN-S and 63A single-phase mains supplies. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of event locations and power requirements.

Advanced Safety Features

Prioritizing operator safety, the unit includes three individual single-phase 63A 30mA residual current breakers (RCBs), each protecting one phase to increase the selectivity of RCB protection. This design aligns with BS7909 standards, ensuring top-tier safety in all operating environments.

Neutral Wire Protection in Single Phase Operation

The mains breaker is a four-pole unit, providing critical protection to the neutral wire, especially vital during single-phase operations. This feature enhances the overall safety and reliability of the system.

Customizable Output Connector Options

Choose between Socapex or Harting output connectors, offering flexibility for various lighting systems and setups. This versatility ensures the Back-PowerCube 900 can seamlessly integrate into any lighting design.

Ideal for Professional Lighting Applications

The Back-PowerCube 900 is an essential tool for lighting professionals and stage managers seeking a robust, versatile, and safe lighting control solution. Its advanced features and user-friendly design make it a premier choice for enhancing the quality and safety of lighting at any event.


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