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Cost Per Day: £60

Cost Per Week: £180


Chauvet R2X Beam: Discover the pinnacle of lighting precision with the Chauvet R2X Beam. This high-powered beam fixture is a masterpiece of design, featuring a single color wheel, a single static gobo wheel, and dual overlapping prisms for complex and intriguing lighting patterns. Engineered for speed and accuracy with rapid Pan and Tilt functions, and equipped with RDM for effortless remote management. Its tight 1° beam delivers exceptionally focused aerial effects, while 17 static gobos create a breathtaking visual spectacle.


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Experience the Power of Chauvet R2X Beam

High-Powered Beam Fixture

Illuminate your stage with the Chauvet R2X Beam, a fully-featured lighting solution engineered for high impact. This fixture stands out with its high-powered beam capabilities, driven by a carefully selected color wheel, and a dedicated static gobo wheel, ensuring your lighting is always vibrant and dynamic.

Precision and Control

The Chauvet R2X Beam is synonymous with control and precision. Experience the swift and precise movements of its Pan and Tilt functions, giving you the power to direct light exactly where it’s needed, with seamless speed and accuracy.

Dynamic Prismatic Effects

With individually controllable 8 and 5-facet prisms that overlap, the R2X Beam is capable of producing a myriad of prismatic effects, adding depth and complexity to any lighting show. These features allow for the creation of unique patterns and textures that captivate and enchant your audience.

Flawless Light Distribution

Achieve perfect evenness in your lighting with the fixture’s frost feature. This element diffuses light to distribute it evenly across your space, providing a gentle wash when needed to soften the beam’s edge.

Ultra-Focused Beam

The R2X Beam’s tight 1° angle creates intensely focused areal effects, cutting through darkness with precision and creating a spotlight effect that commands attention.

Remote Management and Troubleshooting

Stay in control with RDM-enabled functionality, which allows for remote addressing and troubleshooting. This advanced feature simplifies the management of your lighting setup, ensuring that you can address any issues promptly and keep your show running smoothly.

Visually Striking Gobo Effects

Enhanced by 17 static gobos, the Chauvet R2X Beam delivers an impactful visual experience. Each gobo is designed to maximize visual impact, creating intricate patterns that transform any venue into a visual masterpiece.

Bring your lighting vision to life with the Chauvet R2X Beam, the ultimate tool for lighting professionals seeking a fixture that combines power, precision, and versatility.

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