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co2 Magic FX

Cost Per Day: £100

Cost Per Week: £300


CO2 Magic FX Gun: Unleash the thrill with the handheld CO2 Magic FX Gun, the ultimate special effect for DJs and performers looking to make a statement. Instantly command attention and energize the crowd with powerful white cryogenic fog plumes. This easy-to-use, innovative tool connects to a CO2 cylinder via a high-pressure hose, delivering a spectacular visual impact that’s sure to be the highlight of any event.

Captivate Your Audience with the CO2 Magic FX Gun

High-Impact Visual Entertainment

Step up your performance with the CO2 Magic FX Gun, a dynamic special effects tool designed to add a burst of excitement to any event. With the ability to shoot impressive plumes of white cryogenic fog, this handheld gun instantly creates an electrifying atmosphere that guests will remember.

Designed for Performance

The CO2 Magic FX Gun is a favorite among DJs and dancers for its simplicity and stunning visual effects. It’s not just a special effects tool; it’s an extension of the performer, adding a layer of spectacle and interactivity to any show.

Easy Connectivity and Operation

This innovative CO2 gun connects to a liquid CO2 cylinder with a flexible high-pressure hose, ensuring a steady and safe operation. The design prioritizes both ease of use and safety, allowing for seamless integration into your act, even in the heat of the moment.

A Spectacular Eye-Catcher

Make your mark with the CO2 Magic FX Gun. It’s not only an effective way to cool down a heated dance floor but also serves as a mesmerizing visual element. The white fog plumes act as a stark contrast against colorful stage lights, making for a truly spectacular sight.

Portable and Powerful

Despite its powerful output, the CO2 Gun is designed for portability. Whether you’re moving around on stage or interacting with the audience, this lightweight and robust tool can be carried throughout your performance, ensuring you can deliver an unforgettable experience from any location.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operates with a liquid CO2 cylinder (not included)
  • Connects via high-pressure CO2 hose (included)
  • Handheld for complete control and mobility

The CO2 Magic FX Gun is the perfect addition to any performer’s toolkit, offering a safe, reliable, and immensely entertaining way to add that ‘wow’ factor to your events. Whether it’s for a club, concert, or private party, the CO2 Gun is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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