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DDJ SZ 2 DJ Controller: Unleash Your Creativity with Precision Control
Master your mixes with the DDJ SZ 2, the flagship controller for Serato® DJ Software. Boasting large 8.1-inch JOG wheels with center display, velocity-sensitive Performance Pads, and a high-end mixer, this controller is equipped with dual USB ports and MAGVEL cross fader for a seamless DJing experience.


DDJ SZ 2 DJ Controller: The Ultimate Tool for Professional DJs

Flagship Integration with Serato® DJ Software
The DDJ SZ 2 is designed to be the heart of your digital DJ setup, optimized for use with Serato® DJ Software. It provides intuitive control and a tight integration that allows DJs to manage and manipulate Serato® features with ease.

Enhanced Performance with Large JOG Wheels
Featuring industry-leading 8.1-inch JOG wheels, the DDJ SZ 2 enhances track control. The wheels include a center display for at-a-glance monitoring and JOG FEELING ADJUST to personalize the resistance to your touch, giving you greater precision in your mixes.

Illuminated Velocity-Sensitive Performance Pads
Take your live performances to the next level with the multi-colored, illuminated, velocity-sensitive Performance Pads. Trigger samples, cue points, and loops with confidence and flair, adding a visual element to your DJing.

Professional Mixer Section with Robust Controls
The high-end mixer section of the DDJ SZ 2 offers generous controls to shape your sound. With dedicated effects, EQs, and filters, you can craft your sound on-the-fly, ensuring each performance is unique and tailored to the audience.

Seamless Connectivity and Functionality
Dual USB ports allow for smooth DJ handovers and back-to-back performances. The DVS functionality extends the control to use time-coded vinyl, and the MAGVEL cross fader ensures the durability and smoothness needed for the most demanding scratching techniques.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Serato® DJ Software with full control integration.
  • Large 8.1-inch JOG wheels with customizable resistance and display.
  • Multi-colored, velocity-sensitive Performance Pads for dynamic live sets.
  • High-end mixer with extensive controls for creative freedom.
  • Dual USB ports for seamless DJ transitions and DVS support.
  • MAGVEL cross fader for reliable performance and scratch precision.

The DDJ SZ 2 DJ Controller is the definitive choice for professional DJs seeking the ultimate control over their music and performances. Its robust feature set and flexible connectivity options make it an indispensable tool for DJs at the top of their game.


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