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Denon Podium Lecturn

Cost Per Day: £50
Cost Per Week: £150

Elevate your presentations with the Denon Podium Lectern, featuring a built-in 2-way speaker column, a flexible gooseneck microphone, and versatile connectivity options, including USB-powered amenities for modern speaking engagements.


Professional Presentation Platform

The Denon Podium Lectern stands at the intersection of functionality and sophistication, offering a powered lectern solution for clear, amplified presentations in any setting.

Integrated Audio System

  • 2-Way Speaker Column: Built directly into the podium, the speaker column delivers clear sound, eliminating the need for external PA systems in intimate venues.
  • Gooseneck Microphone: The included gooseneck microphone with an XLR base can be adjusted for optimal positioning, ensuring presenters are heard crisply.

Connectivity and Convenience

  • Playback Inputs: With RCA line and 3.5mm inputs, presenters can easily play audio from a variety of devices.
  • XLR Line Output: For larger venues, the XLR line output allows the lectern to be integrated into a broader sound system setup.
  • USB-Powered Lamp and Charging Sockets: Illuminate your notes and keep devices charged with the convenience of USB power.
  • AC Outlets: Built-in AC outlets provide power for additional accessories, making this lectern a hub for all your presentation needs.

Elegant and Reliable Design

  • Modern Aesthetics: The Denon Podium Lectern’s sleek design complements any stage or conference room, while its sturdy construction ensures reliability through frequent use.
  • Ease of Use: Thoughtful features like the USB lamp and charging sockets make it a preferred choice for speakers who value practicality and elegance.

Transformative Speaking Experience

Whether for a conference, lecture, or corporate event, the Denon Podium Lectern is designed to facilitate a seamless and impactful speaking experience.


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