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DM3 Hire

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Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixer: Compact, Dante-Enabled, and Versatile
The Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixer is a compact powerhouse, ideal for various applications. With an 8 + 1 fader configuration, a 9-inch multi-touch screen, and comprehensive I/O capabilities including Dante, USB, and local inputs, it offers superb sound quality and professional features. Fast and easy to set up, the DM3 is perfect for live events, studio work, and more.


Additional Information

Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixer: Premium Mixing in a Compact Package

Versatile Fader and Channel Configuration
The Yamaha DM3 comes with an 8 + 1 fader configuration, providing ample control for mixing. It includes 16 mono, 1 stereo, and 2 FX return input channels, catering to various audio sources and requirements.

Intuitive Multi-Touch Screen Interface
A 9-inch multi-touch screen enhances the user experience with intuitive control and easy access to mixer functions. This interface simplifies navigation and adjustments, making it ideal for both experienced engineers and newcomers.

Comprehensive Bus Structure
The DM3 features a versatile bus structure, including 1 Stereo, 6 Mix, 2 FX, and 2 Matrix buses, with support for input to matrix routing. This flexibility allows for detailed mix configuration and efficient signal distribution.

Extensive Local and Network I/O
Equipped with 16 Mic/Line inputs (12 XLR + 4 XLR/TRS Phones Combo) and 8 XLR outputs, the DM3 addresses a variety of connectivity needs. The Dante interface provides an additional 16 inputs and outputs, while the USB interface offers 18 inputs and outputs, ensuring seamless integration in digital environments.

Advanced Effects and Processing
The mixer boasts 18 effects and a graphic EQ on Mix 1-6 and Stereo channels, offering comprehensive sound shaping capabilities. From reverb and delay to precise EQ adjustments, the DM3 lets you craft the perfect sound.

High-Quality Audio Performance
With a sampling rate of 48kHz/96kHz, the DM3 ensures high-resolution audio performance. This superior sound quality is maintained throughout the signal path, delivering clarity and detail in every mix.

Compact and Lightweight Design
The Yamaha DM3’s compact dimensions (320 mm × 140 mm × 455 mm) and a net weight of only 6.5 kg make it highly portable and suitable for venues where space is limited.

Key Features:

  • 8 + 1 fader configuration for efficient control.
  • 9-inch multi-touch screen for intuitive operation.
  • Comprehensive mix channels and bus options.
  • Extensive I/O including Dante and USB connectivity.
  • Advanced effects and EQ processing.
  • High-resolution audio with 48kHz/96kHz sampling rate.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport and setup.

The Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixer is an excellent choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts seeking a compact yet powerful mixer with advanced features and connectivity, suitable for a wide range of audio applications.

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