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Electric Chain Hoist Hire

Cost Per Day: £40

Cost Per Week: £120

CM Prostar Electric Chain Hoist: Compact Power for Tight Spaces
Maximize efficiency with the CM Prostar Electric Chain Hoist, designed for environments where space is at a premium. This compact, lightweight hoist brings the robust functionality of the Lodestar series in a smaller package, featuring a 250 Kg capacity, various lift lengths, and safety enhancements, including overload protection. Ideal for smaller venues requiring high-quality lifting solutions.


Additional Information

Compact and Efficient Design
The CM Prostar is expertly crafted to fit into tight spaces without sacrificing the power and reliability for which the Lodestar line is known. This electric chain hoist is notably smaller and more compact, making it perfectly suited for venues where installation space is limited.

Robust Performance Features
Despite its compact size, the CM Prostar does not compromise on performance. It supports loads up to 250 Kg with lifting options of 18, 25, or 40 meters. Operating at a speed of 4 meters per minute, it ensures efficient handling and positioning of equipment or materials.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability
Safety is paramount in hoisting operations. The CM Prostar includes single and double brake models, offering safety factors of 5:1 and 8:1 respectively, ensuring extra security and peace of mind. An integral overload device prevents overloading, protecting the hoist, operator, and venue from potential hazards.

Quiet, Lightweight, and Portable
Weighing less than 36 lbs, the CM Prostar is easy to transport and install, making it an excellent choice for temporary setups or traveling productions. Its quiet operation minimizes noise disruption, further enhancing its suitability for theatrical performances and live events.

World-Class Standards and Support
The CM Prostar meets or exceeds global industry standards, affirming its quality and reliability. Additionally, our team offers a full line of replacement parts and expert servicing by Level 2 CM Certified technicians, ensuring that your hoist remains in peak condition.

Key Features:

  • Compact design ideal for limited spaces.
  • 250 Kg capacity with multiple lift lengths.
  • Safety-enhanced with robust braking systems.
  • Lightweight, quiet, and easily portable.
  • Backed by comprehensive support and servicing.

The CM Prostar Electric Chain Hoist represents a fusion of innovation and reliability, providing smaller venues and tight-space applications with a powerful lifting solution that they can depend on for performance and safety.

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