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Cost Per Day: £40
Cost Per Week: £120

Transform your audio experience with the RCF HDL 6 A, an active line array module featuring 1400 W two-way amplification and FiRPHASE processing. Its compact design and powerful output are ideal for delivering clear, impactful sound in various settings.


Advanced Audio Engineering: RCF HDL 6 A

The RCF HDL 6 A is a compact and powerful active line array module, expertly designed to provide superior sound quality in live events, theaters, and installations.

High-Efficiency Amplification

  • 1400 W Two-Way Amplification: Ensures loud, clear, and dynamic audio output, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Optimized Speaker Components: Features a 1.7″ voice coil neodymium compression driver and 2 high-power neodymium 6.0″ woofers, delivering a balanced and detailed sound profile.

State-of-the-Art Sound Processing

  • FiRPHASE Processing: This advanced technology enhances sound clarity and ensures a coherent distribution of sound across the listening area, resulting in an immersive audio experience.

Compact and Versatile Design

  • Sleek Line Array Configuration: The HDL 6 A’s line array design allows for scalable solutions, providing flexibility to cater to different event sizes and spaces.
  • Easy Integration: Designed for easy setup and integration, this module can be seamlessly incorporated into existing sound systems.

Ideal for Professional Use

  • Live Sound Reinforcement: Perfect for concerts, festivals, and large gatherings where high-quality sound reinforcement is crucial.
  • Installation Flexibility: Its compact size and high output make it an excellent choice for permanent installations in venues such as churches, auditoriums, and conference centers.

A Sound Investment in Audio Quality

The RCF HDL 6 A represents the pinnacle of line array technology, offering unmatched sound quality and versatility for audio professionals.


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