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Klark Teknik Passive

Cost Per Day: £10
Cost Per Week: £30

Enhance your audio setup with the Klark Teknik Passive Stereo DI Box. Featuring a custom MIDAS transformer and a high-headroom design, it delivers unmatched sound quality for a variety of audio sources.


Precision-Crafted Audio Clarity

The Klark Teknik Passive Stereo DI Box redefines audio signal integrity with its expertly engineered design, perfect for professionals seeking pristine sound quality.

Exceptional MIDAS Transformer

  • Custom MIDAS Transformer: The heart of this DI box is a custom-built transformer by MIDAS, renowned for high-performance audio applications, ensuring impeccable clarity and signal purity.

Superior Design for Superior Sound

  • High-Headroom Design: This DI box is engineered to handle extreme signal levels with ease, maintaining exceptional sound quality without distortion.
  • Versatile Input Attenuation: A switchable input attenuation accommodates various signal levels from guitars, line levels, to speaker levels, offering flexibility for all your audio needs.

Durable and Tour-Ready

  • Robust Casing: The Klark Teknik DI box is housed in an aluminium extrusion casing, safeguarded by rubber corner-bumpers, making it ready for the rigors of the road.
  • Ultra-Low Noise System: Experience the purest signal path with an ultra-low noise design, ensuring that your audio is transmitted with the highest fidelity.

Key Features for the Audiophile

  • Linear Response: The passive design provides a linear frequency response and phase integrity for the most demanding studio and live applications.
  • Ground Lift: Eliminate ground loop problems with the easily accessible ground lift switch, making it an invaluable tool for live sound and studio recording.

The Ultimate DI for Uncompromised Audio

Whether it’s for studio recordings or live performances, the Klark Teknik Passive Stereo DI Box is a must-have for audio engineers and musicians who demand the best in sound quality.


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