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mx412 Shure Beta Goosneck

Cost Per Day: £35

Cost Per Week: £105


Shure MX412 Gooseneck Microphone: Flexible, Clear, and Reliable Sound
Optimize your audio setup with the Shure MX412 Gooseneck Microphone. Known for its enhanced flexibility and length, this microphone offers clear sound reproduction, high sensitivity, and robust resistance to electromagnetic interference, ideal for various settings.


Shure MX412 Gooseneck Microphone: Precision Sound in a Flexible Design

Versatile and Clear Audio Reproduction
The Shure MX412 Gooseneck Microphone stands as a testament to flexible and reliable audio capture. Its interchangeable cartridges allow for easy adaptation to different recording needs, ensuring your audio is always crisp and clear.

Designed for Maximum Flexibility
With its enhanced length and bendable design, the MX412 is perfect for lecterns, pulpits, or conference rooms. Its gooseneck design offers precise positioning, making it a favorite for settings requiring adaptable and unobtrusive microphone placement.

High Sensitivity for Detailed Sound Capture
The microphone’s high sensitivity ensures that even the subtlest sounds are captured with clarity. Whether it’s speech in a lecture hall or a live discussion in a conference room, the MX412 delivers exceptional sound quality.

Resistant to Interference
One of the key strengths of the Shure MX412 is its maximum resistance to electromagnetic hum and RF interference, a crucial feature for maintaining audio integrity, especially in environments with numerous electronic devices.

Long Cable Compatibility
The microphone’s design ensures clear sound reproduction even over long cable runs, making it ideal for large venues or complex audio setups.

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable cartridges for versatile use.
  • Enhanced length and flexibility for precise positioning.
  • High sensitivity for clear sound reproduction.
  • Strong resistance to electromagnetic and RF interference.
  • Ideal for use with long cables.

The Shure MX412 Gooseneck Microphone is your solution for clear, reliable, and flexible sound capture in any professional setting.


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