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Octostrips LED Light MKII: Elevate your lighting with the Octostrips LED Light MKII, an advanced successor to the popular Octostrip. This complete plug-and-play set includes 8 LED strips, a controller, and eight 5-meter XLR extension cables. Each strip features 8 individually controllable RGB sections, complete with dimmer and strobe settings. Supporting ArtNet protocol and boasting various channel modes (6CH, 8CH, 14CH, 26CH, 50CH), it offers updated color presets and built-in flows for both horizontal and vertical use. While compatible with the Octostrip MKI, note differences in Auto mode programs when combining versions.

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Discover the Enhanced Octostrips LED Light MKII

Advanced Lighting Control and Versatility

The LED Octostrip MKII is a state-of-the-art lighting solution, offering unparalleled control and customization. Each of the 8 LED strips in the set can be individually managed, allowing you to control the 8 RGB sections per strip. This feature provides exceptional flexibility in creating dynamic and intricate lighting designs.

ArtNet Protocol Support

The controller’s compatibility with the ArtNet protocol enhances its functionality, especially in full RGB mode (192CH mode). This addition makes the Octostrips MKII an ideal choice for professional lighting setups where precision and control are paramount.

Dynamic Color Options and Effects

Updated color presets and built-in color flows bring your lighting to life, whether you’re using the strips in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Accessible via various DMX channel modes, these features enable you to craft an array of visual effects and atmospheres.

Multiple Channel Modes for Customized Use

Choose from 6CH, 8CH, 14CH, 26CH, and 50CH channel modes to tailor the Octostrips to your specific needs. Whether you’re orchestrating a complex light show or seeking simple ambient lighting, these options provide the flexibility you need.

Seamless Integration with Previous Models

The Octostrip MKII maintains the same design as its predecessor, allowing for easy integration with the Octostrip MKI. However, when using both models together, it’s recommended to avoid the Auto mode, as the built-in programs vary between versions.

Ideal for Various Settings

From concerts and stage shows to special events and installations, the Octostrips LED Light MKII is versatile enough to enhance any setting. Its plug-and-play functionality ensures easy setup and operation, making it a valuable asset for lighting designers and event organizers.

Invest in the Octostrips LED Light MKII for a sophisticated, adaptable, and high-performance lighting experience. Its advanced features and user-friendly design make it a top choice for those seeking to create impactful and memorable visual environments.


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