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Ovation E-910FC

Cost Per Day: £50

Cost Per Week: £150


Ovation E-910FC LED Fixture: Transform any space with the Ovation E-910FC, a full-color LED lighting fixture designed for the most demanding theatre and film productions. Achieve smooth, 16-bit dimming on both the master dimmer and individual colors for precise control. Experience a flat field and superior color mixing with a virtual color wheel that replicates popular gel colors. Benefit from color temperature presets ranging from warm 2800 K to crisp 6500 K, ensuring high CRI & CQS. With RDM capability, adjustable PWM to eliminate flicker, and silent operation, it’s the industry standard for professional settings.

Masterful Illumination with the Ovation E-910FC

Full Spectrum LED Lighting

The Ovation E-910FC is a cutting-edge ERS-style fixture that utilizes full-color LED technology (RGBAL) to deliver superior lighting for theatre, film, and production environments. This fixture provides an expansive color palette, enabling designers to create and control the perfect atmosphere for any scene.

Precision Dimming and Color Control

With ultra-smooth 16-bit dimming, this fixture offers precise control over the master dimmer and individual colors, allowing for subtle transitions and depth of field. The result is a consistent, flat field of light that elevates the visual fidelity of any production.

Superior Color Mixing and Matching

Color mix with confidence using the Ovation E-910FC’s virtual color wheel, which includes color matches to popular gel colors. This feature simplifies the designer’s task of finding the perfect hue, making the transition from traditional fixtures to LED effortless.

Adaptable Color Temperature Presets

Adapt to any lighting condition with color temperature presets that range from a warm 2800 K to a daylight-like 6500 K. Each setting is engineered to provide a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Color Quality Scale (CQS), ensuring that the light output is both beautiful and natural in appearance.

Advanced Functionality for Professional Use

Remote Device Management (RDM) adds a layer of convenience and flexibility, allowing remote monitoring and adjustments. The adjustable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) makes this fixture camera-friendly, eliminating the flicker that can disrupt film and broadcast work.

Virtually Silent Operation

Designed with studio and theatre applications in mind, the Ovation E-910FC operates silently, ensuring that it never intrudes on the performance or recording.

Compatibility and Convenience

The fixture is compatible with industry-standard lens tubes and accessories, making it a versatile addition to any lighting rig. The robust construction and reliability of the Ovation E-910FC mean it integrates seamlessly with both existing and new setups.

The Ovation E-910FC is the professional’s choice for a reliable, high-quality lighting fixture that meets the rigorous demands of modern theatre and film production. Step into the future of lighting with a fixture that offers unparalleled control, quality, and versatility.


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