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Pin Spot

Cost Per Day: £25

Cost Per Week: £75


Pin Spot Light: Step into the spotlight with this sleek 15W RGBW Pin Spot projector. Designed for versatility, it comes equipped with a narrow 4° lens for powerful, focused illumination—ideal for stage effects and highlighting objects like mirror balls. The inclusion of 10° & 45° filters expands its use to clubs and exhibitions, making it perfect for lighting up small spaces and tables. Feature-rich with multiple DMX modes, RDM functionality, and a flicker-free LED rate, it’s the professional’s choice for precise lighting.

Illuminate with Precision – The Pin Spot Light

Compact Elegance, Powerful Projection

The Pin Spot Light offers a stylish, compact design paired with a robust 15W RGBW single beam output. Its very narrow 4° lens makes it a powerful lighting tool for a variety of applications—from dramatic stage effects to the simple task of illuminating mirror balls and other focal points.

Versatile and Adaptable

Expand your lighting capabilities with included 10° and 45° filters, allowing for a broad range of uses from nightclubs to exhibition booths. Light up small objects and tables with precision and ease, ensuring every detail is seen.

Advanced Control and Functionality

With six different DMX modes ranging from 4 to 7 channels, you have complete control over the lighting effects. The RDM functionality simplifies remote setup, allowing for quick changes to DMX addressing and channel modes, while the OLED display provides straightforward navigation through setup menus.

Optimized for Professional Environments

The Pin Spot Light is ready for any TV studio, with no cooling fans required and a flicker-free 1200Hz LED refresh rate, ensuring a smooth output. Choose between halogen lamp behavior for a slower, more traditional glow, or LED for a faster, more dynamic effect.

Customizable Lighting Experience

Four dimmer curves (linear, square, inverse square, S-curve) cater to your specific lighting needs, ensuring smooth transitions and perfect intensity control. In the event of DMX failure, choose between blackout and freeze modes to maintain the atmosphere.

User-Friendly Features

A lock function prevents unwanted changes, while white balance adjustments ensure color consistency across multiple projectors. Save your ideal settings or revert to the factory defaults with ease. Plus, an optional IR remote provides additional convenience.

Seamless Integration

With 3-pin DMX in/outputs and Neutrik® PowerCON® in/outputs, daisy-chaining multiple units is straightforward, ensuring a clean and efficient setup.

Embrace the full potential of focused lighting with the Pin Spot Light, the definitive choice for dynamic, precise, and adaptable lighting solutions.


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