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Quartz Control System: Experience ultimate control in a super compact form with the Quartz, measuring just 42.5cm wide. This advanced system features 4 physical DMX XLR-5 connectors and controls up to 16 DMX universes (8192 channels). Expandable up to 64 universes with Titan Net, it includes a gigabit network port, built-in MIDI input, 10 precision playback faders, and 3 high-quality optical encoders. Enjoy a vibrant 12.1″ angled touch screen, DVI-D for external displays, and 20 programmable macro buttons. Designed for the road with robust construction and a harmonized button layout, it’s expandable with Titan Mobile Wing and offers a front-mounted USB3 port for easy connectivity.

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Advanced Lighting Control with Quartz

Compact and Efficient Design

The Quartz Control System stands out with its incredibly compact form, just 42.5cm wide, making it perfect for tight spaces and on-the-go setups. Despite its size, it doesn’t compromise on functionality or power.

Extensive DMX Connectivity

Equipped with 4 physical DMX XLR-5 connectors, Quartz offers direct control over lighting fixtures. It supports up to 16 DMX universes directly from the console, amounting to 8192 channels, ideal for managing large-scale lighting arrangements.

Titan Net Integration

For even larger setups, Quartz is compatible with Titan Net, allowing expansion up to 64 universes. This feature makes it a versatile choice for complex productions and installations.

Network and MIDI Capabilities

The inclusion of a gigabit network port enables connectivity with Titan Net, ArtNet, and streaming ACN, enhancing its integration capabilities. Built-in MIDI input means no extra hardware is required for MIDI control.

Precision Control and Customization

With 10 precision playback faders and 3 high-quality optical encoders, users can fine-tune their lighting effects with ease. The 20 programmable macro buttons allow for quick access to custom commands and sequences.

Interactive Touch Screen and External Display Support

The bright and vibrant 12.1″ angled touch screen offers excellent visibility and easy control, complemented by a DVI-D port for external display connectivity. The touch screen’s brightness control ensures clear visibility in various lighting conditions.

User-Friendly Features

Quartz supports multi-band Sound-to-Light, perfect for dynamic audio-driven events. The headphone output allows for private cueing and monitoring. Its button layout is harmonized with the Titan range, ensuring a familiar interface for existing users.

Durability and Portability

Built to withstand life on the road, Quartz boasts a robust construction. The conveniently located front panel features a super-speed USB3 port for easy access and quick connections.


For additional control options, Quartz can be expanded with the Titan Mobile Wing through a dedicated USB port, offering an even more comprehensive control solution.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 42.5cm width
  • DMX Universes: 16 direct (expandable to 64)
  • Connectivity: 4 DMX XLR-5 connectors, Gigabit network, DVI-D, USB3
  • Control: 10 playback faders, 3 optical encoders, 20 macro buttons
  • Display: 12.1″ touch screen

Ideal for touring professionals, event technicians, and venue operators, the Quartz Control System combines high-level functionality with portability and ease of use, making it a top choice for advanced lighting control needs.


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