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r3 spot

Cost Per Day: £60
Cost Per Week: £180

Illuminate your stage with the R3 Spot Intelligent Lights. Experience the power of a 300W LED light engine and versatile zoom range. Equipped with dual gobo wheels and advanced color options, this fixture is perfect for dynamic and bold lighting effects.

Introducing the R3 Spot Intelligent Lights

The R3 Spot Intelligent Lights represent the epitome of professional lighting technology. With a potent 300W LED engine and a wide range of features, these lights are designed to deliver high-impact, precise illumination for various settings.

Advanced Lighting Capabilities

  • Powerful LED Engine: An intense 300W LED light engine produces bold and bright beams, perfect for professional stage lighting.
  • Versatile Zoom Range: Offers a zoom range of 11.9° to 42.5°, enabling coverage of stages and surfaces from a considerable distance.
  • Dynamic Gobo Morphing: Features perfect gobo morphing between two gobo wheels for creative lighting effects.
  • Color and Gobo Wheels: Two color wheels with 7 colors each, and two gobo wheels (one fixed, one rotating) for a wide array of lighting designs.
  • Beam Shaping Tools: Includes an iris, 3-facet prism, and frost filter for refined beam control.

Enhanced Control and Functionality

  • Superior Dimming: Beautiful 16-bit LED dimming offers ultimate control over fade transitions.
  • Power and Data Connectivity: Equipped with Neutrik® powerCON® connections and 3- and 5-pin DMX input/output for versatile connectivity.
  • RDM Enabled: Remote Device Management for convenient remote addressing and troubleshooting.
  • Flicker-Free Operation: Selectable PWM settings ensure flicker-free performance, especially crucial for on-camera usage.

Ideal for

  • Theatre Productions
  • Live Concerts and Events
  • Nightclubs and Entertainment Venues
  • Corporate and Special Events

The R3 Spot Intelligent Lights are not just fixtures; they are a cornerstone of professional lighting, offering unmatched versatility and quality to elevate any event’s visual experience.


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