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rcf 4pro 3031A

Cost Per Day: £50
Cost Per Week: £150

Step up your audio game with the RCF 4PRO 3031-A, an active two-way speaker boasting 1200 WATT peak power and a 15″ woofer. Designed for exceptional sound clarity and high SPL, it’s perfect for live performances and events.


High-Impact Audio: RCF 4PRO 3031-A Speaker

The RCF 4PRO 3031-A Speaker is a powerful, versatile active speaker, engineered to deliver superior sound quality in a range of professional audio environments.

Powerful Amplification

  • 1200 WATT Peak Power: Offers a strong 600 WATT RMS output, ensuring loud and clear audio projection.
  • 15″ Woofer with 2.5″ Voice Coil: The large woofer provides deep, resonant bass and rich mid-tones, perfect for a full-range audio experience.

Crisp High Frequencies

  • 1″ HF Driver with 1.7″ Voice Coil: Delivers crisp and detailed high frequencies, ensuring a balanced sound profile.

Exceptional Sound Pressure Levels

  • 130 dB Max SPL: Achieves high sound pressure levels, making it suitable for larger venues and outdoor events.

Robust and Reliable Design

  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of touring and regular use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Professional Aesthetics: The sleek and robust design of the speaker not only sounds great but also fits seamlessly into any professional setup.

Versatile Use

  • Ideal for Live Events: With its high power and clarity, the 4PRO 3031-A is perfect for concerts, festivals, and live performances.
  • Suitable for Fixed Installations: Also a great choice for permanent installations in venues like clubs, churches, and auditoriums.

The Ultimate Choice for Professional Sound

Whether you’re an audio engineer, DJ, or event organizer, the RCF 4PRO 3031-A Speaker is your go-to for reliable, high-quality sound.


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