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Cost Per Day: £40
Cost Per Week: £120

Elevate your audio experience with the RCF 705AS, a high-powered subwoofer featuring a 1400 Watt digital amplifier and a 15″ woofer. It’s perfect for delivering deep, impactful bass with precision and clarity in any setting.


Deep Bass, Superior Sound: RCF 705AS

The RCF 705AS subwoofer is engineered to deliver rich, powerful bass, making it an ideal choice for both live performances and high-fidelity installations.

High-Efficiency Amplification

  • 1400 Watt Digital Amplifier: This powerful amplifier ensures dynamic and robust bass output, perfect for a range of audio environments.
  • 15″ Woofer in Bass Reflex Housing: The 15-inch woofer, combined with a bass reflex housing, produces deep and resonant bass tones.

Customizable Sound Experience

  • Stereo Crossover: Features a stereo crossover system for seamless integration with speakers and ensuring optimal frequency distribution.
  • Switchable Crossover Frequencies: Allows for flexible tuning to match different setups and preferences.
  • Phase-Reverse Switch: Enhances setup flexibility, allowing you to adjust the phase alignment with other speakers.

Advanced Sound Optimization

  • Electronic Equalization: Fine-tune your sound with built-in electronic equalization, achieving the perfect balance in any room.
  • Soft Limiter and Protection: Ensures the longevity of the speaker by preventing damage from overloads and optimizing performance.

Connectivity and Integration

  • Stereo XLR Input and Output: Equipped with stereo XLR inputs and outputs for easy connectivity and integration into existing sound systems.

Robust and Reliable

  • Durable Design: The RCF 705AS is built to withstand the demands of touring and continuous use, making it a reliable choice for professionals.

The Ultimate Subwoofer for Professionals

Whether you’re a DJ, live performer, or audio engineer, the RCF 705AS provides the low-frequency power and clarity you need to elevate your audio experience.


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