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RCF 8004 Hire

Cost Per Day: £50
Cost Per Week: £150

Unleash powerful bass with the RCF SUB 8004 AS, a high-performance subwoofer featuring a 2500 Watt peak output, deep frequency response, and advanced DSP control. Ideal for enhancing live sound and installations with rich, impactful low frequencies.


Additional Information

Groundbreaking Bass Performance: RCF SUB 8004 AS

The RCF SUB 8004 AS is a tour-grade subwoofer designed to deliver unparalleled low-frequency audio in various professional settings.

Exceptional Power and Sound

  • 2500 Watt Peak Power: With a massive 1250 Watt RMS capacity, it ensures deep, resonant bass that can reach up to 136 dB max SPL.
  • Broad Frequency Range: Covers a comprehensive range from 30 Hz to 120 Hz, producing rich and detailed bass tones.

Superior Woofer Design

  • 18″ Vented Woofer: The 18-inch woofer with a 4.0-inch voice coil is meticulously crafted for efficient air movement, resulting in powerful bass output.
  • Baltic Birch Cabinet: The tour-grade cabinet is made from Baltic birch, offering not only superior sound resonance but also durability for touring and installations.

Advanced Audio Control

  • DSP-Controlled Input Section: Digital Signal Processing allows for precise control of the audio, with selectable presets for various applications.
  • Delay Control: Optimize sound performance in different environments with the integrated delay control feature.

Versatile and Compatible

  • Stacking Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with NXL23-A and NXL24-A for a comprehensive sound system setup.
  • Flexible Configurations: Works in multiple configurations with HDL 10-A and HDL 20-A, making it a versatile choice for different event sizes and types.

The Ultimate Low-Frequency Solution

Whether for live concerts, theaters, or fixed installations, the RCF SUB 8004 AS subwoofer is the professional’s choice for delivering deep, impactful bass with clarity and precision.

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