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Robe Pointe Hire

Cost Per Day: £60

Cost Per Week: £180


Robe Pointe Intelligent Light: Unleash the full potential of your lighting with the Robe Pointe, a versatile and ultra-bright intelligent light. Its sharp, parallel beam slices through the air, ensuring your visuals stand out even in the most intricate video setups. The Robe Pointe’s precision optics allow for both static and rotating gobo projections, delivering crystal-clear imagery across any surface. Whether spotlighting with a tight focus or zoomed out to a full 20 degrees, its brilliance is unmatched. Transform any space with its rich color palette and dynamic prisms for a spectacular wash of color and effects, all from a surprisingly compact and efficient unit.


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Introducing the Robe Pointe Intelligent Light

Brilliance in Every Beam

Step into the limelight with the Robe Pointe, an intelligent lighting solution that’s both exceptionally bright and incredibly fast. This light’s sharp, parallel beam pierces through air and complements video content with striking clarity, making it an indispensable tool for any lighting professional.

Precision Gobo Projections

With the capability to project both static and rotating glass gobos, the Robe Pointe excels in creating precise in-air and surface images. The even focal plane ensures that every projection is sharp, whether you’re utilizing a tight beam or expanding the zoom to its full 20-degree capacity.

Spectacular Color and Effects

The Robe Pointe’s prismatic options, including rotating 6-way linear or 8-way circular prisms, extend its effects to cover broad areas, ensuring that your lighting reaches every corner of the set. Drop in the frost filter to soften the beam, and select from 13 vibrant colors to craft a smooth, even wash.

Unprecedented Output from a Compact Source

Despite its small and lightweight body, the Robe Pointe surprises with an output that rivals larger fixtures. Thanks to the efficient short arc 280 W discharge source and Robe’s innovative optical configuration, this fixture punches above its weight, delivering power and quality that belies its compact form.

Versatile and Efficient

Travel-friendly and designed for efficiency, the Robe Pointe even travels in a case of four without effort. It’s the all-in-one lighting solution that covers all your needs—Beam, Spot, Wash, FX—making it the only fixture you’ll need for your lighting design.

Elevate your lighting design with the Robe Pointe. Its exceptional output, coupled with its versatility and compact size, ensures that your productions are not only illuminated but truly illuminated with quality and precision.

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