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SHURE BETA 87A Microphone: Excellence in Clarity and Performance
Discover superior sound with the SHURE BETA 87A, renowned for its smooth frequency response and exceptional gain-before-feedback. With advanced features like electronic low-frequency roll-off and a high dynamic range, it’s the perfect choice for professional-grade audio.


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SHURE BETA 87A Microphone: Unmatched Audio Precision and Durability

Exceptional Sound Quality
The SHURE BETA 87A stands as a paragon in the world of microphones, offering a smooth frequency response with a gradual presence rise. This ensures your audio is crisp and clear, capturing every nuance of the performance.

Advanced Design for Superior Performance
Equipped with a highly consistent supercardioid polar pattern, the BETA 87A excels in providing superior gain-before-feedback, making it ideal for live performances and studio recordings. Its electronic low-frequency roll-off effectively compensates for proximity effect, ensuring balanced sound.

Wide Dynamic Range for Versatile Use
With an impressive dynamic range of 117 dB and low distortion characteristics, this microphone can handle a wide variety of vocal styles and sounds, making it incredibly versatile for different recording settings.

Built for Professional Environments
The SHURE BETA 87A is engineered to resist RFI and electromagnetic hum, ensuring clean audio in various environments. Its advanced cartridge shock-mount system minimizes mechanical shocks and handling noise, while the built-in pop filter reduces wind and breath sounds.

Durable and Reliable
True to the legendary Shure quality, the BETA 87A is built for reliability. Whether on tour or in the studio, this microphone’s robust construction and consistent performance make it a trusted choice for professionals.

Key Features:

  • Smooth frequency response with gradual presence rise.
  • Highly consistent supercardioid pattern for superior gain-before-feedback.
  • Electronic low-frequency roll-off for balanced sound.
  • Wide dynamic range and low distortion.
  • Resistant to RFI and electromagnetic hum.
  • Advanced shock-mount system and built-in pop filter.
  • Legendary Shure durability and quality.

Elevate your audio experience with the SHURE BETA 87A Microphone, where clarity meets reliability.

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