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Shure IEM

Cost Per Day: £50
Cost Per Week: £150

Step into the clarity of the Shure PSM300-K3E Wireless IEM System for professional in-ear monitoring. With a precision-crafted wireless frequency range and advanced audio technology, this system offers an impeccable audio experience for performers and audio engineers alike.


High-Fidelity Wireless Monitoring

Introducing the Shure PSM300-K3E, a premium Wireless In-Ear Monitor (IEM) System that delivers detailed sound with exceptional clarity and range. Designed for professional musicians and live sound engineers, the PSM300-K3E ensures a flawless wireless listening experience.

Optimized Wireless Performance

  • 606 – 630 MHz Operating Frequency: The broad wireless frequency range is carefully selected to minimize interference and provide a stable connection for uninterrupted performance.
  • Seamless Sound Reproduction: Enjoy complete wireless freedom without sacrificing audio quality, thanks to the system’s ability to deliver accurate playback.

Advanced Audio Technology

  • Audio Reference Companding: This feature significantly reduces artifacts and noise, ensuring a clean and clear sound that is true to the original source.
  • MixMode Functionality: Personalize your monitoring experience with MixMode technology, allowing for simultaneous listening to two separate mixes with individual volume control.
  • Two-Band EQ: Tailor your sound with the onboard equalizer, making precise adjustments to bass and treble frequencies for the perfect balance.
  • Volume Limiting Capabilities: Protect your hearing without compromising on sound quality with the system’s built-in volume limiting options.

The Ideal Monitoring Solution

The Shure PSM300-K3E is not just an IEM system; it’s a comprehensive audio solution that provides performers with the confidence to deliver their best on stage. With its user-friendly interface and robust design, it’s the perfect choice for touring bands, live venues, and houses of worship.

Reliability Meets Innovation

Crafted with Shure’s legendary build quality, the PSM300-K3E Wireless IEM System is both durable and reliable, ensuring peak performance show after show.


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