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sm58 wireless duel

Cost Per Day: £70

Cost Per Week: £210


Shure SM58 Wireless Dual Handheld System: Unmatched Clarity and Convenience
Embrace the freedom of wireless performance with the Shure SM58 Wireless Dual Handheld System. Operating in the 606.6MHz – 613.5MHz frequency range, this system offers easy setup, reliable performance, and the legendary sound quality of the industry-standard SM58 microphone. Perfect for events requiring seamless, high-quality audio over a 100-meter range.


Shure SM58 Wireless Dual Handheld System: Superior Sound Meets Wireless Flexibility

Exceptional Wireless Performance
The Shure SM58 Wireless Dual Handheld System redefines the standards of wireless audio performance. Designed for professional use, this system operates within the 606.6MHz – 613.5MHz frequency range, ensuring clear, interference-free audio across various environments.

Simple Setup, Reliable Operation
Experience hassle-free setup and reliable performance with this system. Capable of supporting up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band, it offers versatility for complex audio setups while maintaining ease of use.

Extensive Operating Range for Versatile Use
With internal antenna diversity, the Shure SM58 Wireless System boasts an impressive 100-meter operating range, offering unparalleled freedom of movement. Whether it’s a large stage, conference hall, or outdoor event, this system ensures your voice carries clearly and consistently.

Iconic SM58 Microphone Included
At the heart of this system is the iconic SM58 microphone, renowned for its exceptional sound quality and durability. The SM58 delivers warm, clear vocal reproduction, making it a favorite among vocalists and sound engineers worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Wireless frequency range: 606.6MHz – 613.5MHz.
  • Supports up to 12 systems per frequency band.
  • 100-meter operating range with internal antenna diversity.
  • Includes the legendary SM58 microphone.
  • Ideal for live performances, conferences, and events.

The Shure SM58 Wireless Dual Handheld System combines the legendary sound of the SM58 with the convenience of wireless technology, making it a top choice for professionals seeking flexibility without compromising on audio quality.


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