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Sparklers 2 Hire

Cost Per Day: £100

Cost Per Week: £300


Sparklers 2 – Spark Stream Effects Machine: Elevate your event with the enchanting Sparklers 2 Spark Stream, the safe and spectacular special effects solution. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, from high-fashion runways to grand corporate galas, this machine creates a stunning display of cool sparks without the use of traditional pyrotechnics. The Spark Stream operates at cool temperatures, using special granules to produce a mesmerizing non-flammable and non-hazardous spark effect, ensuring a dazzling yet safe environment for your guests.


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Transform Your Event with Sparklers 2 – The Spark Stream Effects Machine

Innovative Spark Technology

Introducing the Sparklers 2 Spark Stream, a revolutionary special effects machine that creates a magical atmosphere for any event. Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, the Spark Stream utilizes an advanced system to heat specially formulated granules, projecting them into the air and creating a shower of cool sparks. This innovative approach ensures a breathtaking effect without the risks associated with hot pyrotechnics.

Versatile and Safe Special Effects

Perfect for a variety of occasions, the Sparklers 2 is your go-to choice for adding a touch of wonder to fashion shows, concerts, weddings, and corporate events. Its unique technology allows the sparks to shine brightly while being safe to touch, making it a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Cool Operation for Ultimate Safety

Safety is paramount in special events, and the Spark Stream machine operates at a much cooler temperature than traditional effects, eliminating the hazard of flammable sparks. The granules used are non-hazardous, ensuring that your event remains incident-free while still delivering the ‘wow’ factor.

Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous Performance

The sparks produced by Sparklers 2 are completely non-flammable and non-hazardous, providing peace of mind for event organizers and attendees alike. Enjoy the radiant splendor of spark effects without concern, as the Spark Stream prioritizes safety without compromising on the visual spectacle.

Seamless Integration into Event Design

The sleek design of the Spark Stream machine allows it to blend into your event setup effortlessly. Its ease of use means it can be operated by event staff without specialized training, adding a professional flair to your special effects showcase.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

Embrace the eco-friendly nature of Sparklers 2, which uses minimal resources to achieve maximum effect. The efficiency of the granule system not only delivers stunning visuals but also ensures a sustainable approach to event special effects.

With Sparklers 2, transform any venue into a captivating space, mesmerizing your guests with a cascade of cool sparks. This Spark Stream effects machine is the future of event special effects, combining safety, efficiency, and awe-inspiring beauty in one sophisticated package.

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