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Titan Mobile

Cost Per Day: £50

Cost Per Week: £150


Titan Mobile Control System: Streamline your lighting management with the versatile Titan Mobile, offering 10 playbacks with assignable controls for tailored setup. Experience advanced connectivity with 4 physical DMX outputs, expandable to 16 over ArtNet or sACN, supporting up to 8192 channels. Compatible with Titan Net Processors for expansion up to 64 universes, it adapts to various configurations, from touchscreen PCs to laptops. Features include precision optical encoders, MIDI support, control surface expansion options, and USB power for convenient, mains-free operation.

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Unleash Creativity with Titan Mobile Control

Extensive Control Options

The Titan Mobile Control System is designed for dynamic lighting environments, featuring 10 playbacks with assignable controls. This flexibility allows for bespoke configuration tailored to specific events or shows.

Multiple Workspace and Connectivity Options

With 2 direct access workspaces, macros, and executors, the Titan Mobile facilitates efficient control of complex lighting arrangements. It boasts 4 physical DMX outputs, expandable to 16 over ArtNet or sACN, offering an impressive capacity of 8192 channels.

Enhanced DMX Expansion

For larger-scale operations, the system supports Titan Net Processors, enabling DMX expansion up to 64 universes. This capability makes Titan Mobile suitable for extensive lighting setups in large venues or intricate stage productions.

Customizable Setup

Adapt the Titan Mobile to your specific requirements. Whether integrated into an all-in-one touchscreen PC, a laptop, or a rack mount solution, it offers versatility to suit various professional needs.

Precision and Quality

Three metal shaft optical encoders provide luxurious precision, enhancing the tactile experience and accuracy of adjustments. This feature underscores Titan Mobile’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

Advanced MIDI Integration

The system’s MIDI support extends to MIDI Notes and MIDI Timecode, allowing seamless integration with a broad range of audio and visual equipment, further expanding its utility and appeal.

Expandable Control Surface

Enhance your control surface with additional wings, DMX In, or MIDI. Support for up to 2 touch screens adds another layer of interactivity, making the system more intuitive and responsive to the user’s touch.

Convenient and Portable

Uniquely USB powered, the Titan Mobile eliminates the need for a mains connection, offering portability and ease of use. This feature is particularly beneficial for on-the-go setups or venues with limited power options.

Technical Specifications:

  • Playbacks: 10 with assignable controls
  • DMX Channels: Up to 8192
  • Connectivity: 4 physical DMX, expandable over ArtNet or sACN
  • Power: USB powered

Ideal for lighting designers, touring professionals, and event technicians, the Titan Mobile Control System is a cutting-edge solution for managing complex lighting setups with ease, precision, and flexibility.


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