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TV Brace Weight Hire

Cost Per Day: £5

Cost Per Week: £15

Doughty TV Brace Weight: Enhanced Stability for Stage Scenery
Secure your stage and set designs with the improved Doughty TV Brace Weight. Designed to interface seamlessly with standard scenery braces via a 29mm receiver, this robust weight is compatible with most major brands, ensuring a stable and safe setup.


Additional Information

Redesigned for Superior Performance
The Doughty TV Brace Weight has been re-tooled to enhance both its quality and functionality, ensuring it meets the rigorous demands of modern theatrical and stage productions. It is an essential component for securing scenery and backdrops reliably.

Broad Compatibility
Featuring a 29mm receiver, this brace weight is designed to accept standard scenery braces used in theatre and event productions. Its compatibility with most major brands makes it a versatile addition to any production’s toolkit, simplifying the setup process.

Durable and Heavy-Duty
Weighing in at 12.60 Kg, the TV Brace Weight is substantial enough to provide solid support, anchoring your setups securely. Its weight and design ensure that it maintains stability under a variety of conditions, preventing shifts or slips during performances.

Compact and Easy to Handle
Despite its robustness, the TV Brace Weight is designed for ease of handling and efficiency. Its compact size allows for easy placement and adjustment, making it an ideal choice for dynamic stage environments where flexibility is key.

Key Features:

  • Re-tooled for improved quality.
  • Compatible with standard scenery braces.
  • 29mm receiver for broad compatibility.
  • 12.60 Kg weight ensures stability.
  • Ideal for theatrical and stage use.

The Doughty TV Brace Weight is a vital accessory for anyone involved in stage production, offering enhanced stability and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on delivering a flawless performance.

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