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USB BalBox 2

Cost Per Day: £10
Cost Per Week: £30

Ensure true audio fidelity with the compact USB BalBox 2, featuring improved bandwidth, 600-ohm line-level output, and standard XLR connectors. USB-powered for convenience, it’s an essential tool for pristine audio in live events.


Enhanced Audio with USB BalBox 2

The USB BalBox 2 is the quintessential accessory for audio professionals who demand authentic sound reproduction and seamless connectivity.

Superior Sound Quality

  • True Audio Reproduction: Designed for accuracy, the USB BalBox 2 captures the essence of your sound without compromise.
  • Improved Bandwidth: Experience full-spectrum audio with enhanced bandwidth, ensuring your sound is detailed and clear.

Professional Grade Features

  • 600ohm Line-Level Output: The industry-standard 600-ohm output efficiently drives balanced audio signals to your equipment.
  • Ground Lift: Easily eliminate hum and noise issues with the earth (ground) lift feature, ensuring a clean audio experience.

Connectivity and Build

  • XLR Outputs: Equipped with left and right XLR output connectors, the USB BalBox 2 is ready for professional live event audio setups.
  • USB Powered: The convenience of USB power allows for a streamlined setup without the need for external power sources.

Compact and Travel-Friendly

  • Portability: With its compact size, the USB BalBox 2 is designed for on-the-go professionals, fitting easily into any gear bag.

A Must-Have for Audio Purists

Whether for studio recordings or live performances, the USB BalBox 2 is a critical tool for anyone seeking uncompromised audio quality.


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