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V-40HD Hire

Cost Per Day: £60

Cost Per Week: £180

Roland V-40HD Multi-Format Video Switcher: Seamless Video Management
Elevate your production quality with the Roland V-40HD, a versatile video switcher that supports multi-format input and output up to 1080/60p or 1920×1200. Featuring twelve inputs across four channels, independent input and output scalers, and HDCP compliance, the V-40HD ensures top-notch video handling without the need for matching source and output resolutions.


Additional Information

True Multi-Format Support
The Roland V-40HD Multi-Format Video Switcher simplifies video production by eliminating the need to match input sources with the output resolution. Each of its twelve inputs has a dedicated broadcast-quality scaler, allowing any source to be individually scaled to fit the selected output resolution.

Extensive Connectivity Options
With a variety of input options including HDMI/DVI, RGB, component, and composite sources, the V-40HD adapts to all your video equipment effortlessly. This makes it incredibly flexible for managing diverse video sources in environments like live events, broadcast centers, and corporate presentations.

High-Quality Video Output
Supporting resolutions up to 1080/60p or 1920×1200, the V-40HD delivers crystal-clear video output. Independent scalers on both inputs and outputs ensure that each video feed is optimized for the best possible quality, regardless of the original source resolution.

HDCP Compliant
The HDCP compliance of the V-40HD allows for the seamless integration of copy-protected content from game consoles and Blu-ray players alongside computer and camera sources. This feature is invaluable for productions that require the use of mixed media, ensuring compatibility and legality in content usage.

Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities
An integrated multi-viewer output provides convenient monitoring solutions when connected to an HDMI monitor. This feature allows you to view all active inputs on a single display, greatly simplifying the management and switching of multiple video sources during live productions.

Key Features:

  • Supports multiple input/output formats.
  • Twelve inputs across four channels.
  • Independent scalers for each input/output.
  • HDCP compliant for secure content handling.
  • Multi-viewer output for easy monitoring.

The Roland V-40HD is the perfect tool for professionals who demand versatility, reliability, and high-quality video management in their production environments, ensuring that every event or presentation is delivered flawlessly.

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