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VX6S Hire

Cost Per Day: £125

Cost Per Week: £350

VX6S Video Controller: Advanced Video Management
Master your video presentations with the VX6S, featuring versatile inputs including 3G-SDI, HDMI, and DVI, and six ethernet outputs. This device supports up to 4096P video output width, internal scaling, seamless switching, and fade effects, ensuring high-quality video performance for events and installations.


Additional Information

Versatile Input Options
The VX6S is equipped with a variety of inputs to accommodate multiple video sources: two 3G-SDI, two HDMI 1.3, two DVI, and a USB port for direct content playback. This array of inputs ensures compatibility with a wide range of video equipment and formats, making it highly adaptable for any setup.

Extensive Output Capability
With six ethernet output ports, the VX6S can manage multiple display screens or LED panels, making it perfect for large-scale video installations. The maximum video output width of 4096P allows for ultra-high-definition displays, providing stunning visual clarity and detail.

Advanced Video Processing
The internal scaling function adjusts various input resolutions to match the output display’s resolution, ensuring optimal quality and performance. The VX6S also includes professional video switching effects, such as quick seamless switching and fade, which are essential for live events where smooth transitions are crucial.

Compact and Efficient Design
Designed for efficiency and ease of use, the VX6S packs powerful video processing capabilities into a compact unit that is easy to integrate and operate within various environments—from concert venues to conference centers.

Key Features:

  • Multiple video inputs.
  • Six ethernet outputs.
  • 4096P maximum output width.
  • Internal video scaling.
  • Seamless switching and fade.

The VX6S Video Controller is an indispensable tool for professionals seeking robust, flexible video management solutions that deliver flawless video displays and transitions.

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