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Wify QA5

Cost Per Day: £25

Cost Per Week: £75


Wify QA5 LED Light: Illuminate your space with the advanced ADJ WiFLY Bar QA5, a battery-powered, wireless LED fixture with a built-in ADJ WiFLY transceiver for seamless DMX integration. Offering up to six hours of vibrant lighting on a single charge, this fixture is ideal for stage or wall washing with rich hues and smooth color mixing. Efficient with LEDs rated at 50,000 hours and a maximum power draw of 58W, it operates on both AC and DC power. Its 400-foot remote communication range and multiple operational modes make it perfect for any event setting, especially where traditional wiring is a challenge.

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Transform Your Event with the ADJ WiFLY Bar QA5

Cutting-Edge Wireless Technology

The ADJ WiFLY Bar QA5 stands out with its integrated ADJ WiFLY Transceiver, providing wireless DMX capabilities. This feature allows for flexible placement and seamless integration into any lighting setup, free from the constraints of wiring.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, the WiFLY Bar QA5 is not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly efficient. It offers up to six hours of life on a full charge, with just five hours required for a complete recharge, ensuring your light is ready when you need it.

Versatile Color Mixing for Perfect Ambiance

This LED fixture excels in creating a wide range of colors, perfect for stage or wall washing. The RGBA Manual Control Mode enables you to set the mood with precision, offering a palette of rich hues and smooth color mixing to match any theme or atmosphere.

Long-Lasting and Low Power Consumption

With LEDs rated for 50,000 hours and a maximum power draw of just 58W, the WiFLY Bar QA5 is both durable and energy-efficient. This fixture is a smart investment for any venue, providing long-term, cost-effective lighting solutions.

Extended Wireless Range

The built-in transceiver communicates with any remote up to 400 feet away in open sight, offering exceptional flexibility in large venues or complex setups.

Multiple Operating Modes for Every Need

  • Auto with Program Run Mode: Automated lighting sequences
  • Sound Active Mode: Syncs with music
  • Static Color Mode: Consistent color display
  • Slave Mode: Synchronizes multiple units
  • DMX-512 Mode: Professional level control

Safe and Convenient for Any Location

Ideal for stages, clubs, and other event locations where traditional power sources are inconvenient or unsafe, the WiFLY Bar QA5 offers a reliable and versatile lighting solution.

With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the ADJ WiFLY Bar QA5 LED Light is perfect for event planners, DJs, and venue operators seeking innovative, flexible, and high-quality lighting solutions.


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