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Cost Per Day: £60
Cost Per Week: £180

Discover the d&b audio Y10 Speaker, a 2-way passive loudspeaker with exceptional sound clarity and depth. Featuring sophisticated design and versatile deployment options, it’s ideal for creating immersive audio experiences in a range of settings.


Superior Sound Engineering: d&b audio Y10 Speaker

The d&b audio Y10 Speaker exemplifies excellence in audio engineering, offering unparalleled sound quality in a compact, 2-way passive loudspeaker.

Advanced Acoustic Design

  • Dual 8” Drivers in Dipole Arrangement: Ensures a balanced and powerful sound output.
  • 1.4” Compression Driver with Rotatable CD Horn: Allows precise control over directivity, enhancing the clarity and reach of audio.

Full-Bandwidth Performance

  • Extended LF Output: The advanced bass-reflex port design delivers a full-range sound with exceptional low-frequency response.
  • Controlled Directivity: Offers 110° horizontal directivity down to 500 Hz, matched with a 40° vertical dispersion for consistent coverage.

Versatile and Adaptable

  • Rotatable Horn for Flexible Orientation: Can be easily adjusted for either vertical or horizontal setup, catering to diverse installation needs.
  • Seamless Integration: Ideal as a standalone system or in combination with other Y-Series elements, both ground stacked or flown.

Robust and Reliable Construction

  • Marine Plywood Cabinet with PCP Finish: Ensures durability and resilience against environmental elements.
  • Metal Grill with Acoustic Transparency: Protects the front of the cabinet without compromising sound quality.

Easy Deployment and Rigging

  • Ergonomic Handles and M10 Inserts: Facilitates easy handling and secure rigging using d&b hardware.
  • Additional Mounting Options: Two M10 sockets accept an 8mm load pin, expanding mounting possibilities.

A Benchmark in Audio Performance

The d&b audio Y10 Speaker is a testament to high performance and versatility, making it an ideal choice for professional audio setups, events, and installations.


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