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Yamaha QL1

Cost Per Day: £125

Cost Per Week: £350

Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer: Compact Power, Expansive Capabilities
Discover unparalleled mixing control with the Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer. Offering 32 mono and 8 stereo mix channels, 16 mix buses, and a 16 + 2 fader configuration, this compact mixer is perfect for various applications. Featuring 100 mm motor faders and a robust I/O section, it’s a powerhouse in a compact frame. Includes a Nuendo Live license for comprehensive digital production.


Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer: Precision Mixing in a Compact Format

Versatile Channel and Bus Configuration
The Yamaha QL1 stands out with its extensive mix capabilities, featuring 32 mono and 8 stereo channels. Accompanied by 16 mix buses and 8 matrix buses with input to matrix support, it offers flexible routing and mixing options suitable for live sound, broadcasting, and more.

Compact Design, Professional Functionality
Despite its compact size, the QL1 does not compromise on functionality. Its 16 + 2 (master) fader configuration, along with 100 mm motor faders, ensures precise control and tactile feedback, ideal for fine-tuning mixes on the fly.

High-Quality Local Input/Output
The mixer’s local I/O provides 16 inputs and 8 outputs, facilitating seamless integration with a variety of audio sources and output systems. This makes it an excellent choice for events and installations with diverse audio requirements.

Optional Rack Mounting for Flexible Installation
With an optional rack mount kit (Article Nr. 122809, not included), the QL1 can be easily integrated into standard rack systems, making it versatile for both fixed installations and portable applications.

Compact Dimensions for Easy Handling
Measuring 468 x 272 x 562 mm and weighing just 14.7 kg, the QL1 is designed for environments where space is at a premium without sacrificing control and quality.

Included Software for Enhanced Production
Each QL1 mixer includes a license for Steinberg’s Nuendo Live software, providing powerful tools for recording, editing, and mixing, further enhancing the mixer’s capabilities in live and studio settings.

Key Features:

  • 32 mono and 8 stereo channels for extensive mixing options.
  • 16 mix buses and 8 matrix buses for flexible audio routing.
  • 100 mm motor faders for precise control.
  • Compact size and optional rack mounting for versatile installation.
  • Includes Nuendo Live software for comprehensive digital production.

The Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer is an ideal solution for audio professionals seeking a compact yet powerful mixing console that combines advanced features with ease of use and mobility.


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